Tuition Scholarships

At our school, we offer financial support towards tuition fees through academic scholarships and bursaries. All eligible students are welcome to apply. Please read below for further information and details regarding the selection criteria.

Please note the cut off for 2024 scholarship applications is 12 October 2023.


ACG Tauranga Scholarships

School scholarships are performance-based financial awards given to new students in Years 7 to 13. Award criteria are based on academic success, although sports and artistic accomplishments are also considered. The school scholarship covers part of the school tuition fees. However, please note that financial hardship is not a qualifying factor.

If the principal believes a prospective student should be considered for a scholarship but they do not meet the academic criteria, a request can be sent to the ACG Schools CEO for special consideration. If you would like more information regarding scholarships, or would like to apply, please complete the Enquiry Form.

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ACG Founders Scholarships

The ACG Founders Scholarship honours a group of people whose vision, expertise and dedication led to the establishment of the Senior College of New Zealand in 1995. Since 2018, one scholarship has been awarded annually. The recipient must be a student who is currently studying at an ACG secondary school in New Zealand and plans to start a university programme the following year. 

The Founders Scholarship may be held in conjunction with other awards. It recognises outstanding academic ability, as well as personal qualities for future success, such as integrity, leadership, boldness of vision, exceptional drive, energy, and a capacity for hard work. Alex Pentchev, the inaugural recipient of the ACG Founders Scholarship, graduated in 2018. He is now studying medicine at the University of Sydney and aspires to work in medical research. Alex states:

“The scholarship has opened up fantastic opportunities such as semester exchanges with universities all around the world. I no longer have to worry about finances and I can focus solely on my studies, which has been extremely helpful during the stressful transition to university. All around, it feels as if a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I now have the ability to do anything I want in education without worrying about money.”

 Alex Pentchev, 2018

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Sibling Scholarships

A scholarship may be available if your family has four or more children, provided you meet ACG Tauranga’s enrolment criteria. In a family of four children, your youngest child may receive a full-tuition scholarship. If you have five or more children, you may be awarded a scholarship to the value of 25% of the total fees payable. In both cases, the scholarship applies only while four or more of your children are fully enrolled at ACG Tauranga.

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