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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A Level (Advanced Level) curriculums at our school in Tauranga are designed by Cambridge International Assessment Education, a world-leading provider of international education programmes and qualifications for school-aged students. 

Our school is the first to offer the entire accredited Cambridge International curriculum in Tauranga. Learners in Years 1 to 13 receive high-quality, uninterrupted British education that includes the Cambridge IGCSE, one of the most popular courses in the world. Due to its reliability and effectiveness, it is taught in over 10,000 schools across 160 countries.

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Why Choose Our School to Study the IGCSE?

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is a challenging, engaging study option designed for 14 to 16-year-olds. As a Cambridge International education provider, we seek to foster critical thinking and a love of learning in our students while empowering them with the skills they need to thrive in a changing global environment. 

Our IGCSE course in Tauranga is exceptional. Not only do students gain a solid foundation in mathematics, science, English, the humanities and physical education through a personalised approach, but they may also supplement the core curriculum with enriching optional subjects, overseas experiences and exciting extracurricular activities that complement their studies and personal interests.

Benefits of the Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge International pathway builds upon previous learning to expand understanding. It is structured around four key stages: Cambridge Primary; Cambridge Lower Secondary; Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge International AS & A Levels. Cambridge qualifications are regarded as robust and of an exceptional standard. They are recognised by universities in New Zealand and other top higher-learning providers across the globe, which leads to students in our school group attending the world's most prestigious Ivy League colleges and universities.

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Globally-Recognised Qualifications

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High-Quality, Expansive Syllabus

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Focus on 21st-Century Skills

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Cambridge International Curriculum

The Cambridge International curriculum begins in Year 1, leading to the IGCSE course in Years 10 and 11 and the international AS/A2-Levels in Years 11 to 13. As the penultimate High School programme, the Cambridge IGCSE offers individuals the chance to exercise autonomy by selecting optional subjects to learn alongside the core curriculum depending on their interests and future career prospects. 

The IGCSE curriculum is broad yet balanced, providing students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed on the Cambridge International A-Level course, which is considered an excellent pre-university route. 

At our school, individuals of all abilities are supported throughout their learning journey and access enriching opportunities to extend their capabilities during class-based projects or work experience placements. Our Cambridge curriculums are taught in conjunction with an engaging extra-curricular programme that allows students to put their newfound knowledge to practical use.

Cambridge International Subjects

The Cambridge International curriculum covers a wide selection of subjects at different stages of the educational journey. At the A Level stage, students may also choose to continue study a combination of any of the core subjects, or they may choose to pursue the following: The primary years syllabus is wide-ranging and inclusive of the subjects listed below.

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Cambridge International Subjects

IGCSE core and optional subjects

Cambridge IGCSE Subjects

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Cambridge International A Level Subjects

Cambridge International Grading System

The Cambridge International Grading System classifies all work completed and submitted by students for assessment. By implementing a standardised system, students gain a clear and comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge and skills. IGCSE grades are assigned based on performance in examinations, coursework, and practical tests. 

Grades range from A* to G, with A* being the highest mark and G being the lowest. If coursework and examination papers are not submitted, students will receive a 'U' (ungraded) classification for that particular piece of work. The A Level Grading System differs slightly. Grades range from A* to E, with A* being the highest grade.

Cambridge International Assessment

Cambridge International assessments are highly reputed worldwide. They are fair and reliable, providing students with internationally-recognised qualifications valued by universities and employers. Our teachers receive extensive training and support from Cambridge International to ensure students gain consistent, desirable outcomes.

If your child has not taken Cambridge International courses, you may wonder if they will experience an easy transition onto the pathway. We have asked our pupils to give us their honest thoughts about their experience as Cambridge International students.

Our IGCSE teachers are passionate about helping students achieve their full potential and attain fantastic outcomes across all subjects. As Cambridge International educators, our teaching staff demonstrate outstanding knowledge of both the curriculum and IGCSE assessment requirements across all academic levels.

During lessons, teachers convey subject material in dynamic lessons to encourage children to connect elements of their learning and engage meaningfully with one another. Teaching staff also hold classes, revision sessions and one-to-one tutorials to give young adults the best chances of success during the course and before examinations.

The Cambridge curriculum allows our teachers to use classroom time more effectively. Much of the course is assessed externally during end-of-year examinations, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching students and less time marking work. Unlike NCEA, Cambridge International assessments are indicated as a percentage which is then converted to an overall grade from A* to G. This presents students with a clear indication of how they have performed. 

In contrast, the NCEA curriculum is structured around year-round internal assessments. Work is graded in broader 'bands' and classified as 'Achieved', 'Merit' or 'Excellent'. Due to the heavy assessment schedule, teachers delivering the NCEA course may spend a lot of time preparing, delivering, moderating, and marking assessments.

IGCSE assessments are designed to be rigorous, fair, and transparent, providing students with a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. The grades received align with a standardised grading system implemented across all Cambridge International institutions.

Cambridge International qualifications are internationally recognised and valued by universities and employers, providing students with excellent opportunities for further study and career progression in most countries. The IGCSE is widely accepted as a secondary certificate of great value. Furthermore, they indicate a depth and breadth of understanding across multiple subjects.

Cambridge International Student Testimonials


Dannan Kilian

"The subjects in Cambridge are more advanced. This gives me more of a challenge. I like being challenged."


Sophie Mann

"I think that most of all, I am enjoying teachers that want to teach and students that want to learn and in that environment I am thriving."


Hugo Buck

"Learning here feels much more useful, for living in the world, rather than just in books and spelling."

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