What is Cambridge?

ACG students achieve more Cambridge International awards than any other school in New Zealand.

Cambridge is an international education programme that prepares students for life.

Learner centred, and with a strong focus on external examinations, Cambridge provides an internationally recognised framework from Primary through to Year 13. By offering the Cambridge curriculum, ACG Tauranga provides an education of the highest calibre, delivered by passionate teachers who are specialists in their subject fields. High-achieving students are extended through accelerated learning, while academic and co-curricular programmes provide all students with enriching experiences and extraordinary opportunities.

Cambridge vs NCEA

NCEA is a curriculum built around internal assessments that take place throughout the academic year. Students are graded in broad bands (Achieved, Merit, Excellence). Because of the heavy assessment schedule, teachers may spend a lot of time preparing, delivering, moderating, and marking assessments.

We believe the Cambridge curriculum allows our teachers to use classroom time more effectively. Cambridge is externally examined, with an end-of-year examination, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching students and less marking assessments. Unlike NCEA, assessments are marked as a percentage, with an overall grade from A* to G giving students and parents a clear indication of how they’re performing.

STEM at ACT Tauranga

We have an engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programme as part of our Cambridge curriculum that encourages students from a young age to get involved and enjoy the huge benefits of STEM – setting them up for endless career opportunities later in life.

Student transition to Cambridge

If your child hasn’t done Cambridge before, you may be wondering if it will be an easy transition. We asked our students their honest thoughts on their experience. You can view their stories here.

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