Cambridge can benefit all students

While there’s a common misperception that Cambridge only suits the brightest learners, we know that it can help students of all abilities achieve success – plus our teachers ensure that they enjoy learning at the same time.

We asked our students about their experience with the Cambridge curriculum.

Hugo McCarthy, Year 11

"In class, we get through more work and are far more productive."


Liam Rickit, Year 11

"The thing I enjoy most is how much it challenges me and how rewarding a good grade feels."

Chelsea Good, Year 11

"The level of learning is challenging, but rewarding and provides me with a great foundation for university and later in life."

Harry Buck, Year 9

"I didn’t even know how fun science could be."


Dannan Kilian, Year 11

"The subjects in Cambridge are more advanced. This gives me more of a challenge. I like being challenged."


Sophie Mann, Year 9

"I think that most of all I am enjoying teachers that want to teach and students that want to learn and in that environment I am thriving."

Hugo Buck, Year 8

"The learning here feels much more useful, for living in the world, rather than just in books and spelling."


Laoise McCarthy, Year 13

"I like that we are learning how to study, finding the ways that work best for us all throughout the year. I think it’s preparing us well for to cope with the stresses of university."