A message from our Centre Manager

Welcome to ACG Tauranga Early Learning School.

Surrounded by trees and open spaces, our Early Learning School is proud to be a part of the wider ACG Tauranga campus. We provide a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment for all children with spacious and inviting indoor learning areas. Additionally, our outdoor spaces offer opportunities to be imaginative and creative using purposeful and natural resources.

Inspired by the Te Whāriki curriculum, our inquiry and play-based learning programmes encourage children to explore the world around them. Our young learners also enjoy the chance to engage in times of self-directed play and investigation within a structured day.

Our fully qualified teachers are passionate about their work and focus on each child's learning journey, growth and success while building strong relationships with families and whanau. Plus, our school readiness programme – Pathways-Ara – allows our four-year-olds and those at that stage of development to extend their skills. Numeracy and literacy are woven into our approach to learning as children become capable, confident, resilient, problem solvers, well prepared for the transition to primary school.