Open for learning

Throughout the changing alert levels of New Zealand’s Covid-19 response, we are here to make sure no child misses out on an excellent education.

We are open for learning.


Your child’s learning doesn’t need to stop

At ACG Tauranga, we focus on the individual needs of students – giving them choice, providing challenge and fostering a commitment to lifelong learning. As a top school in Tauranga, we pride ourselves on helping young people to achieve their full potential. 

While safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our students, our school will remain open as we continue in Alert Levels 1 and 2. However, should the Government institute Alert Level 3 or 4 restrictions again in our region, our campus will temporarily close in accordance with these precautionary measures. For more information go to

During these closures, our priority is to deliver a full, dynamic, and interactive e-Curriculum for all our students. Our expertise in online learning, and our proven success in creating an engaging and collaborative virtual classroom environment, ensures students will not miss out on a moment of their studies. We are open for learning.

Across Alert Levels 3 and 4, we offer:

  • An immediate and seamless transition back to online learning to make certain your child’s education continues uninterrupted
  • A full daily curriculum for all year levels, allowing our students to progress with their studies
  • Live online lessons for each class, where teachers constantly interact with students and are available to answer any questions or provide extra guidance
  • A focus on engagement, collaboration and delivering lessons in a more creative and practical way to reinforce learning
  • Active opportunities to participate in online PE classes, music, and ongoing ACG community challenges

If you would like to know more about ACG Tauranga, we offer live online meetings which enable our new families to get to know us and our school. Please complete the form below.

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We want all our students to receive the best possible education during these unprecedented times. As such, we are taking extra health and safety measures across the school to ensure students can carry on their learning in a protected and nurturing environment.

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