A world-class early learning school in Pyes PA

Children aged three months to five years can grow and develop in the nurturing environment of ACG Tauranga’s Early Learning School.  We introduce children to a love of play and learning, by creating opportunities to explore, experiment, solve problems and express themselves as individuals.

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A positive foundation for learning

Sow the seeds for a love of learning at ACG Tauranga Early Learning School. Catering for children from three months to five years of age, we offer the same care, support, and nurturing environment found within our world-class school. Purpose built to stimulate curiosity and enhance growth and learning, ACG Tauranga Early Learning School is positioned alongside our Primary School and College, offering an unrivalled educational pathway. All ACG Tauranga Early Learning School children are given priority entrance into ACG Tauranga Primary School.


Combining New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki with the latest research in child development, we have created an enquiry based learning programme centred around our children’s interests and passions. A ‘pathway to school’ programme prepares our four-year-olds for the next stage of their learning journey, offering a seamless transition from Early Learning School to Primary.

Parent Reviews

We are proud of our teachers and the amazing things our youngest students achieve. So are our student’s parents who have kindly provided us with a top rating on Google. Read their reviews here.

“A beautiful learning environment with an amazing teaching team, my sons both love going to Early Learning School!”

“Amazing teachers, based on family values, my kids are educated in a playful way allowing them to not feel pressured while learning.”

“I love thisEarly Learning School. They have some structure for eg, dance on Monday and science on Tuesdays etc. All the teachers are lovely. The question I have been asked the most is; is it more expensive because it’s ACG? The answer is NO. They are the same or cheaper than other Early Learning School we have tried. The only difference is that children from 2yrs old have to wear the ACG polo shirt. But I find this much easier as I don’t need to think about what they are going to wear. If you are nervous about sending your child the Early Learning School for the first time, try ACG!”

Primary school readiness programme

School readiness means ensuring your child has the tools and support to be ready for primary school. It takes into account your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Our school readiness programme provides your child with numerous additional benefits as we can easily introduce our older Early Learning School students to the wider ACG Tauranga student community, where they will make friends with the ‘big kids’, build relationships with the primary teachers and explore a range of facilities such as the art room, music room, full sized gymnasium and sports field. Find out more.

Specialist subject lessons

Five of our specialist senior College teachers provide weekly sessions for children in Science, Sport, Art, Dance and Drama. Sessions are designed to inspire our early learners, starting their learning journeys with wonderment and joy. Find out more.


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Our Early Learning School provides your child with a safe and engaging learning space on the ACG Tauranga campus.


Family testimonials

Kindness, respect, love, and a genuine care for the children. When it comes to Early Learning Schoo that’s what matters most to Hannah and Geoff Gibbs.

“ACG provides a great caring, loving and calm environment as a foundation for social learning. The backing of a structured curriculum is an important lead in to academic learning.”

Social stream


From three months

We provide your child with a purpose-built, creative and stimulating play and learning area. The early learning school team ensure your child receives the highest level of quality, care and attention in a safe and nurturing environment.

Up to five years

Young children are encouraged to play, think, experiment, develop self-expression and curiosity.  Language skills are developed alongside social skills.  Our teachers are highly dedicated and we maintain a high ratio of staff to children.

Transition to school

ACG Tauranga are committed to creating smooth transitions from early learning school through to college hence why we have a purpose built early learning school on school grounds.

The ACG Early Learning School team are focussed on providing a seamless transition to school here on campus or at a chosen primary school in the community, by providing children with knowledge and opportunity.

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