ACG Tauranga Early Learning school uses the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki as the basis of its program development. With its four guiding principles woven neatly together with the five strands, Te Whāriki provides a strong basis for holistic teaching in all areas of learning.


ACG Tauranga Early Learning school combines New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki with current research and theory on child development to create an emergent curriculum that is play based and works alongside children’s learning dispositions. ACG Tauranga Early Learning school is committed to continued review and research into current theories and philosophies to make sure that it is always providing quality Early Childhood Education.


Through providing meaningful and purposeful experiences, we allow children to learn life from life, developing social competencies that will support them to become resilient, persistent, inquiring lifelong learners. Through respectful, responsive relationships, we will celebrate the diversity of cultures and languages, making them visible in our setting through stories, language, celebrations and festivals.

We recognise, embrace and value Te tiriti O Waitangi and implement practices that promote a sense of belonging where children and whanau know they have a place to stand. This promotes a sense of well-being where social, emotional, physical and spiritual development is supported and a sense of community where they feel welcomed, valued and loved.

“Kotahi te Kākano,

He nui ngā hua o te rāku

A tree comes from one seed but bears many fruit" 

Specialist subject classes

Shared Senior/ECE Teaching team

This year we are excited to start a new programme at early learning school, partnering with five of our senior college teachers who will be providing weekly sessions for our children.

We are so privileged to belong to a whole school campus and this new programme encompasses our strong values on community, relationships and our inclusive curriculum for all our learners here at early learning school.

Monday Tuesday Thursday
Sport with Ms Francesca Traini (11.50am) Sport with Ms Francesca Traini (8.30am) Science with Mrs Hezahne Prinsloo (9.20am)
  Performing Arts with Mrs Dani Archer (10.10am) Performing Arts with Mrs Dani Archer (10.10am)

Below are our weekly Science classes with Specialist Science Teacher, Mrs Hezahne Prinsloo