Our professional, dedicated and enthusiastic early childhood teachers are here to support and help your child have an amazing learning experience.

At ACG Tauranga early learning school, we introduce children to a love of play and learning, by creating opportunities to explore, experiment, solve problems and express themselves as individuals.

Positioned alongside our Primary School and College, our early learning school team offers the same care, support, and safe and nurturing environment found within our world-class school.

Raechel Thompson - Early learning centre manager

An experienced and qualified Early Childhood Education teacher, known for respecting and celebrating each child’s uniqueness, passions and strengths. She takes pride in building strong connections with our early learning school families/whanau and the wider community.

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Rita Smit

Mother of three, Rita is passionate about creating exciting learning experiences for children. A trained primary school teacher who brings valuable knowledge and experience to our transition-to-school process.

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Toni Stevens

Growing up with parents as educators took foundation staffer Toni overseas at the age of six. Her experience of schooling in Indonesia and Singapore helps her to relate to teachers and parents from all cultures and backgrounds.

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Robyn Dixon

Robyn is a strong advocate for the importance of learning through play while providing your child with multiple opportunities to explore and develop.

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Anna Mulder

My teaching philosophy is based on kindness, respect and belonging, and I strive to ensure children feel safe and secure in my care.  I have a strong interest in connecting our tamariki with the natural environment, and in fostering the wonder and sense of responsibility that comes with this.

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Danel De Jongh

I believe that Pre School education should be about creativity - teachers using their creativity in providing imaginative and motivating learning opportunities, in a challenging and stimulating environment, so that children are encouraged and supported in becoming spontaneous, divergent and enthusiastic learners.

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Sue McGeorge

I love my work with children and their families. I believe that forming strong relationships with families and the community enables children to feel secure in their learning environment and leaves them free to play.

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