Jo Kelly

Áine started ACG at the centre opening and she transferred from Montessori. From the first day where there was only her until now Áine has been extremely happy.
The ladies that work here (Elle, Toni & Raech) are like our family but have become good friends. We arrive early and from the moment we step through the doors we are always greeted with warmth.

The ladies always arrive before the families and set the tables up with activities, fill up the water glasses and warm the place up. Different activities are thought of every day and the variety of things the girls think up to do is really cool! My little girl is very spirited so I feel she needs plenty of stimulation and learning. She most certainly gets it at ACG.

All of the children are lovely and they are all taught to respect each other. The environment is happy, fun and filled with love for the children. They are free to play as though they were at home but there is lots of learning and structure too. The centre is always clean!

We love the early learning school, we love the staff. We couldn’t be happier and neither could Áine!

Ella Ghorbani

We have become aware of the ACG Early Learning school by one of our friends. It didn’t take us long to realise that we found the best place, we could wish for our 2 years old son. Experienced and lovely teachers, warm and lovely environment with lots of interesting activities.

Claire Wang

We have our two girls at ACG Tauranga – my big one at the primary and my second Thea’s in the early learning school and we just love it! I feel so confident having her at ACG Early Learning school as I know the environment there is loving and supportive, especially their communication level is open friendly, honest and always put my daughters best interests at heart.

Caroline Frankel

Our three children absolutely love the new ACG Tauranga Early Learning school. They really enjoy the variety of activities on offer and the close bond they have already developed with the teachers. Our children are always asking us when they get to go again!

From a parent’s perspective, the Early Learning school offers a safe and secure, warm environment in which I can always trust that my children are very well-looked after and cared for. It is plain to see that they are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills through a great variety of carefully chosen activities. The facility, resources and location inside the school grounds are excellent.
I have found the staff to be outstanding in terms of their relationships with the children and knowledge of learning goals and principles. Their level of communication is excellent and I always receive feedback from each day, our relatives love to see the updates and photos on Storypark too!

A real strength of the Early Learning school is their ability to help create a seamless transition for children entering the Primary school. Much of the anxiety about starting Year 1 can be alleviated through early visits from the teacher and spending time in their future classroom.
I would not hesitate to recommend the ACG Tauranga Early Learning school to anyone looking for an Early Childhood Education provider.