ACG Tauranga has an engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programme that encourages students from a young age to get involved and enjoy the huge benefits of a STEM curriculum – setting them up for endless career opportunities later in life.

STEM at ACG Tauranga

  • One block of science a week from Year 1 and throughout primary school. Hands-on and fun!
  • Specialist science teachers teach students in Years 5 and 6
  • Students in Years 7-10 receive seven lessons of science per week
  • Three double blocks of science per week allow our students the time and opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience
  • One lesson of Computer Science per week from Years 7-10: students have fun with technology!
  • Weekly lunch time and afterschool Maths workshops allow students to work and learn together across year levels
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology available as specialist subjects from Year 11
  • Robotics club enhances innovation and creativity

Spotlight on STEM #1: Biology teacher Jordan Howard

ACG Tauranga welcomed passionate Biologist Mr Howard to the school this year – already he’s a hit with his students.

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Spotlight on STEM #2: Maths teacher Thea Kilian

Thea Kilian is not just principal of ACG Tauranga – she’s also a practising maths teacher, with 21 years’ experience in the classroom. She talks about how teaching helps her be a better principal – and the magic of maths.

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Spotlight on STEM #3: Chemistry teacher Rob Webster

Mr Webster has been teaching Chemistry at ACG Tauranga for three years – he’s also taught at ACG’s school in Vietnam. He tells us why Chemistry is a vital part of addressing issues in the modern world.

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Spotlight on STEM #4: Maths teacher Jackie Webb

Jackie Webb is a foundation staff member. She has recently gained a Masters degree with First Class Honours, majoring in Mathematical Education. Her thesis focussed on the motivations of mathematics students.

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Spotlight on STEM #5: Science teacher Brent Smith

With 21 years’ experience behind him teaching and leading science faculties in NZ and abroad, subject specialist Brent Smith joined ACG Tauranga this year.

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