Offering a Gateway to Personal Growth & Self-Expression

A well-rounded school experience enables individuals to discover new abilities, nurture their talents and help them lead a healthy, fulfilled life. Our school believes in the importance of extra-curricular activities to enhance students' overall development and provide them with a holistic education. At our school in Tauranga, we offer an extensive selection of fun activities designed to cultivate various interests and passions.


An Extensive Array of Exciting Activities to Develop New Skills

At ACG Tauranga, we believe that extra-curricular activities are essential in shaping well-rounded individuals. By participating in engaging and enjoyable activities, students acquire new skills and develop long-lasting competencies, including perseverance, discipline, time management and resilience. Overall, our extra-curricular programmes offer many opportunities for students to explore their passions, discover new interests, and grow academically and personally. We encourage all students to take full advantage of clubs, coaching and sessions to maximise their educational journey at our school.

Clubs and Activities

Students may participate in the clubs below throughout the year:

Art club Bandquest Chamber ensemble
Dance NZ Debating club Interact club
Itinerant concert Performing arts showcase Jazz combo
May music month Photography club Play-it-strange competition
Primary choir Rock bands Rockquest
Secondary choir Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Showquest
Talent quest Tauranga Primary School’s music festival Wearable arts


All students can take part in music lessons alongside their studies. Instruments include:

Bass guitar Bassoon Cello
Clarinet Dance Drums
Flute French Horn Guitar
Piano Saxophone Speech & drama
Trombone Trumpet Ukulele
Viola Violin Vocals

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