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Sport forms an integral part of students’ personal development. Not only does it promote a healthy school-life balance, but it fosters teamwork, school spirit, and encourages persistence and commitment.

Our sports programmes are not just about winning. They promote a healthy, active lifestyle and build character through a wide range of activities that cater to children of all abilities. Participation in sports helps athletes learn the importance of discipline, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship, which serves them well both on and off the field. 

All students are encouraged to participate in sport. In Years 1-6, they develop fundamental skills in a fun, yet challenging environment, before moving onto Years 7-11, where they may have the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen field. Swimming is an integral part of our Physical Education and Health programme. Our students attend the nearby Liz Van Welie Swim School from Years 1-8.

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Sports Facilities

Our school sports complex takes pride of place at the heart of the campus. The complex overlooks the sports fields and is well-equipped to accommodate a vast array of sports activities. It includes a fitness centre, dance studio, multi-sport turf and a basketball court with a viewing area.

Sports Activities at Our School

Archery Badminton Basketball
Dance Football Futsal
Hockey Netball Rock climbing
Rowing Running club Swimming
Table tennis  

Additional Sports Activities

Athletics Cricket Gymnastics
Water polo Multisport Snowboarding
Skiiing Softball Volleyball
Swimming Tennis  


Our school has a high success rate in sourcing teams and specialist sports coaching for students. However, we cannot guarantee availability as we rely on external providers for additional sports activities.

Sports Events

Aqua Sports/Swimming Athlete Development Programme Athletics Day
Cross-country Tough Guy & Gal Challenge (Y7 & Y8) Swimming at Liz van Welie Swim School (Y3 - Y8)

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