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A festival of pi

ACG Tauranga students recently enjoyed Pi (π) Day, an entertaining – and delicious – way to celebrate the significance of the number 3.14. First calculated by Archimedes more than two millennia ago, pi is a symbol used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Although usually expressed as 3.14, pi has an infinite number of decimal places, and students took the challenge to memorise as many of these as possible to win a mouth-watering pie of their own.

Learning Pillar Co-Leader, Tadiwa Masiyakurima, provides us with a behind-the-scenes look at this fun-filled event.

“It was a beautiful day here at ACG Tauranga, and the first Learning Pillar in-school House event, with our Year 6 Pillar Leaders, Aleezah Anees and Oliver Bradley at the helm. The warm, tempting scent of delicious pies (sold by Year 6 students Finn Kelly, Nicholas Yip and Harry Lynn) filled the atmosphere and combined with the pressure between competitors who were attempting to recite as many decimals of pi as possible.

“Students from our four Houses stepped up to take on pi(e), both on paper and on a plate, hoping to earn precious House points and show their love of learning.

“Each of the competitors kept their eyes on pi(e)s. However, ultimately the Supreme Champion on the day was Hugo McCarthy, who reached over 200 digits of pi.

“Learning Pillar Leader, Harriet Barber (Wairoa House), who was in charge of this event, was particularly pleased to announce that Wairoa came first in the competition with a whopping 107 points!

“The numbers may have been irrational, but the joy on the faces of these learning legends proved that learning, like pi, can be infinite.”

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