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ACG Tauranga Students Continue to Excel with Exceptional A-Level Success

The spotlight is once again focused on ACG Tauranga after our students received a perfect A-Level pass rate in the recent Cambridge International exams.

ACG Tauranga’s Year 13 students have just received confirmation of their final A-Level marks for 2022 – and the results are outstanding!

Performing to the highest of their abilities, hardworking students have enthusiastically followed in the footsteps of past graduates and were awarded perfect A-Level pass rates for the fourth consecutive year.

A-Level success:

  • 100% pass rate
  • 41% of papers received A* or A grades (80% or better)

These outcomes illustrate strong performances across all subject areas, showcasing yet another year of impressive academic accomplishment throughout our entire Year 13 cohort.

The Cambridge International Curriculum is much broader than many national curriculums, and as the number of Cambridge International students continues to increase worldwide, achieving top outcomes is becoming ever more challenging. With that in mind, these results are a remarkable tribute not only to the school and its dedicated teaching staff but also to our students and their incredibly supportive families.

Delighted with her students’ dedication and diligence, Principal Thea Kilian believes their success reflects the efforts and commitment of the entire school community and highlights the connecting links between them.

“We are incredibly proud of our results, both in terms of academic achievement and personal growth and individual success,” she confirms. “A-Level results are the culmination of 13 years of investment from teachers, families and – most importantly – the students themselves. It is a great privileged to have been a part of each student’s individual journey and to watch them stand tall, confident and ready to take their next steps into life beyond school.”

In fact, 2022 was another benchmark year for the whole school, with our young learners also being recognised for an impressive array of accomplishments. In addition to their phenomenal academic outcomes, students have excelled in a variety of sporting endeavours, music and drama performances and participated in a range of artistic and technological pursuits.

As we launch into 2023, the future is looking very bright indeed.