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Art provides a valuable learning tool for ACG Preschoolers

ACG Tauranga Preschool held their first-ever art exhibition on Saturday 19th September. The excitement was high as our youngest learners proudly showed family and friends the creative artwork pieces they have produced throughout the year with the support, encouragement, and guidance of the Preschool teaching team.

Preschool Art Exhibition

With the children eagerly explaining their contributions to the bright and vibrant displays, parents were able to view an array of imagination-filled projects and exhibits. These ranged from colourful paintings and bubble art to patchwork houses and bird’s nest construction (complete with tiny clay eggs).

Art forms an essential part of the daily curriculum at the Preschool, and our highly interactive and dynamic arts-based programme offers a multitude of developmental benefits and early learning experiences for tamariki. Led by a passionate and experienced staff, it helps children to enhance fine motor skills as they investigate and experiment with concepts such as spatial reasoning, critical thinking, self-expression, and storytelling.

In addition, the Preschool art programme is supported by a specialist lesson each week from ACG College art teacher, Leana Buxton.

“I find it exciting to be able to offer our Preschool children the opportunity to explore art in an organic setting that fosters their creativity,” explains Leana. “They are very inquisitive and not bound by concerns about getting it right or what others think, which allows them to really enjoy the process and become excited about new art-making discoveries.”

During the highly successful event, a number of families also updated their personal picture galleries, having family portraits taken by GW Photography who were on hand during the exhibition.