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Arts Week showcase highlights talent at ACG

ACG Tauranga Arts Week was an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic abilities and creative flair. The event was an enormous success with more than one-third of the school taking part, and submitting a wide array of drawings, paintings, photographic work, and short stories.

Art by Seojoon Lee

Highlighting ACG’s thriving arts programme, the quality of work submitted was exceptional, and competition was fierce as students from Primary and Secondary cohorts eagerly vied for the winning titles. The judging panel was delighted to see such a vast pool of talent on display, and excitement was high as the results were announced at the end-of-term assembly. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Special mention must also be made of the imagination and writing skills shown by Year 3 student Henrietta Coxhead, who won the Primary Short Story Category for her piece titled ‘The World’s Best Discovery Adventurer’. Here’s a brief excerpt from her story.

The World’s Best Discovery Adventurer by Henrietta Coxhead

She set off and was not far from the house. She found a dog who was on the side of the road. She asked the dog: “Do you want to come with me?”, “Yes” barked the dog, “Ok, come on then.” They walked for five minutes and came to a tall hedge. They both jumped over and when they were in the air they started to fly. They felt excited. They knew that they could fly over all the objects that the wizard put out for them to find.”


Arts Week Prize Winners

Winner: Secondary Drawing Category Alexa Bishop (Year 9)
Runner-up: Secondary Drawing Category Annabelle Stokes (Year 7)
Runner-up: Secondary Drawing Category Shavonne Mendoza (Year 8)
Winner: Primary Drawing Category Seojoon Lee (Year 6)
Runner-up: Primary Drawing Category Maggie Lin (Year 1)
Runner-up: Primary Drawing Category Ellie Choi (Year 4)
Winner: Secondary Photography Category Annabelle Stokes (Year 7)
Highly commended: Secondary Photography Category Amelia Mars (Year 8)
Winner: Primary Photography Category Abygale Sumpton (Year 6)
Winner: Primary Short Story Category Henrietta Coxhead (Year 3)