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Bringing life to the lab

After nine years teaching in South Africa, Hezahne Prinsloo is making her mark at ACG Tauranga, inspiring students with her passion for mathematics, science, and chemistry.
Hezahne Prinsloo

Focussed on “guiding students to reach their full potential”, she is a dynamic addition to the school teaching faculty.

“I enjoy making an impact and find chemistry an especially fascinating field. Teaching it gives me the opportunity to foster creativity, critical thinking skills, character development, and ultimately a love for science.”

Currently teaching Year 5 and 7 science, Year 8 mathematics, and IGCSE and AS-Level chemistry, Hezahne breathes life into her classes by making content relatable and showing her students how concepts are applied in everyday situations.

“It is so rewarding to be present when students discover new and exciting things about their world. I really enjoy working in a dynamic environment with new adventures and challenges, and I love working with incredibly motivated students.”

Hezahne relocated to New Zealand in January 2020, and while there has been much to adjust to, she says the transition from teaching in South Africa to teaching the Cambridge Curriculum has been a smooth one.

“I am fortunate that both curricular are very similar, and in some aspects identical, which has made the transition more gradual.”

A kind, caring and passionate teacher, Hezahne is delighted to now be part of the ACG Tauranga family.

Her top tips?

Work hard from the beginning. Don’t get discouraged and keep trying.
Remember “You never fail, until you stop trying.” - Albert Einstein.