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Building brighter futures with ACG Pathways Planning

ACG Tauranga recently held their Planning Pathways Evening. This annual event has been designed to help guide students in their subject selection, discuss university course requirements and explore future career options.


Incredibly well supported by ACG families, the event has continued to grow every year, and 2021 was no exception. Last month’s Pathways Planning Evening included local professionals sharing their stories, along with advice and information from tertiary providers and specialists in their field.

Deputy Head Boy and leader of the ACG Tauranga Learning Pillar, Tadiwa Masiyakurima has provided a wrap-up of the evening’s highlights.

“On Thursday 13th May, ACG’s Learning Pillar hosted the Pathways Planning Evening 2021. With unlimited opportunities on the horizon, the event was a great chance for students to engage with people from different fields, many of whom have taken alternative paths to get to where they are now.

“It enabled students to benefit from accessing various universities and tertiary providers, along with the armed forces, to discover what they have to offer regarding pathways for our future. Parents and students were also informed about the structure of ACG’s course selection process, providing them with the necessary information to assist in planning for 2022 and beyond.

“We were fortunate to have such an insightful panel of professionals, made up of Simon Limmer (CEO of Silver Fern Farms), Andy Bedford (Hydraulics Engineers) and Abbey Heagren (Paramedic). Each of our speakers shared a similar message, despite the contrasting professions they represented – make mistakes, learn from them and view every opportunity with an open mind.

“A jaw-dropping quiz competition between the universities concluded the formal part of the evening and left the crowd buzzing with excitement. Families then had the opportunity to benefit from an expo-style engagement with the various universities and our ACG Tauranga teachers.

“The Learning Pillar would like to thank the school management, universities and speakers who shared their time and knowledge in planning for a brighter future. #loveyourlearning”

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