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Building Primary School Culture

ACG Tauranga has seen some exciting new developments in 2022, including the introduction of a range of Primary specific lunchtime clubs, activities, events and EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities.

Giant tractor tyres and Jenga blocks are not your regular playground equipment, but at ACG Tauranga Primary, they’re playing a starring role in strengthening school spirit.

This year, the school has delivered an exciting array of new lunchtime activities, clubs, and student leadership roles, all aiming to build a unique – yet united – Primary school identity. From Connect Four and cricket to coding, yoga and chess clubs, students in ACG Tauranga’s Year 0 to 6 cohorts are ushering in 2022 with a wealth of hot-off-the-press opportunities.

“The Primary school has been steadily growing. It is now at the stage where we can really start to develop our own special Primary identity while still remaining connected with the wider school community,” explains Primary Dean and Faculty Coordinator Dani Archer.  

“Part of this focus includes introducing a range of lunchtime activities, Primary specific events and EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities, and increasing the leadership opportunities available for our Year 6 students.”

The new lunchtime equipment has proven particularly popular, especially the blocks, handballs and cricket sets.

“We are device-free at break times, and instead, we wanted the students to have a range of activities they could choose from. It’s been a big hit, and there is always a queue of students waiting to borrow gear. We’ve also introduced Scholastic Book Club, which was incredibly popular for our first order. It was great seeing all of the students in the playground with their new books on delivery day.”

Other new initiatives include a string of clubs such as Art Club, Enviro-Group and EPro8, while next term will see the launch of Craft Club, Coding Club and Problem Solving for Years 5 and 6.

“By participating in clubs, students not only learn and develop the specific skills for their chosen club, but they get to work with students from other classes and learn about commitment. It can sometimes be a tough decision to go to your club when all your friends want you to play!”

New leadership opportunities are also among the lineup, with several Year 6 students recently appointed as House and Pillar leaders, wet day leaders, library leaders and more. 

“Our leadership positions align with the Middle and Senior school leaders. This year, we have also introduced Primary specific leadership roles, and we hope to continue developing our leadership programme by introducing class leaders in the future.”

By building leadership skills from an early age, ACG Tauranga is laying strong foundations for future success and fostering the development of capable, confident young people who flourish not only in school but also in life.

Primary Dean and Faculty Coordinator Dani Archer