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Celebrating National Grandparents Day with a very special Oma

Jacob and Oma

New Zealand’s National Grandparents Day in October was a day to celebrate the happiness that grandparents can bring to a young person’s life, and to highlight just how much they are respected, appreciated and adored. Whether related by blood, or related by love, the strong bond formed between many grandparents and their grandchildren is deep and enduring.

Jacob Kouwenhoven is a Year 2 student at ACG Tauranga and this lucky seven-year-old is fortunate enough to see his beloved Oma, Ada Kouwenhoven, every week. Together they read books, eat delicious treats and enjoy great adventures. Oma is clearly a very special person in his life, as Jacob explains.

What sort of things do you like doing with Oma?
We have ice cream together. We read before bed.

What are your favourite things about Oma?
That she gives me ice cream in winter and she’s really kind. She buys me toys and makes yummy food.

If you could do anything, what would be your perfect day with Oma?
Going to Baywave and getting in the wave pool together.

How do you show your Oma how important she is to you?
I give her hugs and say, “I love you”.