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Celebrating very special grandparents with Harris Guo

New Zealand’s National Grandparents Day (Sunday 4th October) is a time to celebrate all the joy and value that grandparents can bring to the lives of Kiwi kids. Whether related by blood, or related by love, the special connection between grandparents and their grandchildren covers a wealth of kindness, patience, humour, comfort, life-lessons, and most importantly, fun.

Harris Guo Grandparents

Sharing the family home with his grandparents, Year 1 student Harris Guo enjoys a very close bond with grandpa, Baoji Huang, and grandma, Guirong Liu. The six-year-old loves spending time with these very special people, especially in the kitchen and garden as he explains below.

What is your favourite thing to do with Grandpa and Grandma?
I love helping them with work. I water plants with them, in the garden. I help them to drill things like wood. We go to the beach together.

What makes your grandparents so special, and why do you love them so much?
They help me with my homework. They do the cooking. They help me, and I help them.

How do you show Grandpa and Grandma how important they are to you?
I give them hugs. I help them with cooking.

What do you think that your grandparents liked to do when they were your age?
They made their own toys. My grandpa made a little toy gun out of wood.

If you switched places with Grandpa and Grandma, what would you have done today?
I think I would cook steak with sauce and broccoli for dinner.

If you could get anything in the world, what gift would you like to give your grandparents?
I would give them a cooking cart. It would go on a trailer, and we could take it away on holidays.