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Celebrating a very special granny with Ryder Grant

New Zealand’s National Grandparents Day (Sunday 4th October) is a time to celebrate all the joy and value that grandparents can bring to the lives of Kiwi kids. Whether related by blood, or related by love, the special connection between grandparents and their grandchildren covers a wealth of kindness, patience, humour, comfort, life-lessons, and most importantly, fun.

Ryder and Paulette Grant

Seven-year-old Ryder Grant and his granny, Paulette Davey, love spending time together. The two see each other most weekend and even meet up on weekdays to enjoy great adventures together. But for outdoorsman and Lego-enthusiast Ryder, working on his granny’s farm is the best place to be.

What is your favourite thing to do with Granny?
To go to Granny’s farm and plant trees.

What makes your granny special, and why do you love her so much?
She always asks me if I can come over for a sleepover. She plays Lego with me. When I feel sad, she cheers me up by giving me a cuddle and talks to me.

How do you show Granny how important she to you?
I always cuddle her. I look out for her. If she has lost something in the house, I find it for her. I always help her to cook, like homemade salad and drink and blueberry pie.

What do you think your granny liked to do when she was your age?
Go to the zoo, to the Mount, and I think to build Lego and always play games with her sister.

If you switched places with Granny, what would you have done today?
Knitting and baking and doing the laundry and clean the car.

If you could get anything in the world, what gift would you like to give your granny?
Flowers because they are her favourite thing to plant.