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College students share skills with preschoolers


One of the benefits of having a preschool, primary and college on one site is the interaction between the different age groups. Recently, four college students visited the preschool to give our youngest students a demonstration of their fantastic skills and talents.

Thank you so much to Dannan, Madeleine, Liam and Venice for giving up your time to provide these awesome learning experiences for our littlest learners.



Dannan Kilian, 14, Year 11, has been playing trumpet for five years. He showed the pre-schoolers how to play scales on his trumpet and they commented on how shiny it was. “I can see myself in it,” one child said. “It’s golden,” said another.



Ballet dancer Madeleine Limmer, 15, in Year 11 has recently been accepted to University of North Carolina School of The Arts High School Dance Programme, with a concentration in ballet. She gave our pre-schoolers a demonstration of her ballet skills. They were also taken by her pointe shoes!



Liam Steens, 14, Year 10, practised some football drills outside with the children. His ball skills were a smash hit and he soon found himself being chased around the outside play area! Liam is hoping to return for another session.



Venice Harris, 12, in Year 8 is an experienced musical theatre actor who has been singing since she could talk. She has been part of five professional musicals, including playing Matilda in the recent production that toured Australia and New Zealand and a role in Les Miserables in Manila, Singapore and Australia. She dances, acts and sings.

She sung ‘Naughty’ from Matilda to our pre-schoolers.