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A Dream Come True for Kobe Williams

As an exceedingly well-rounded student, Kobe Williams has always put his best foot forward in the classroom, on the sports field and across the student leadership team. Now Co-Head Prefect, the multi-tasking teen is grateful for the opportunities he has enjoyed at ACG Tauranga and the many lessons he will take away from the school.

When Kobe Williams first joined ACG Tauranga, stepping into a principal student leadership role was always in his sights. And now, as one of two 2022 Head Prefects, the hardworking, athletic and dedicated teen has achieved his ultimate goal.

"Being part of the student leadership team has always been a dream of mine since I first moved to ACG Tauranga," Kobe says. "In my first full year at the school, I was lucky enough to be named Deputy Head of Sports, and from there, I just knew I needed to keep striving for the top.

"When my name was announced as Head Boy, I was so ecstatic. It felt kind of unreal!"

Overcoming challenges, solving problems, and leaving a long-lasting impression on the school are among Kobe's top priorities, and as we pass the 2022 mid-year point, he is working harder than ever to achieve all that and more.

"Heading the student leadership team this year is a huge responsibility. There are so many great young leaders, and it's so satisfying to be able to see each and every one of them grow into their roles. My main job is to elevate students' sense of responsibility and belonging, and one of my personal goals is to continue the growth within the sports department. So far, we have had exceptional support from our Head of Sport, Mr Ian Shaw, and I hope to be able to help him set up the next few years so we can continue on this path."

A member of the Senior Boys Basketball team, sports has played a starring role in Kobe's school life, with academics (including a love of physics) another key focus. And with plans to study electrical engineering at university next year, the lessons he has learnt from these pursuits will prove indispensable.

"ACG Tauranga has taught me to be well organised and prepared. Coming from NCEA to the Cambridge curriculum was a big jump, and it really made me understand the importance of time management."

But that's not his only takeaway from an incredible few years at the school.

"My favourite part about ACG Tauranga is the sense of community. Since the school is still small, everyone knows everyone, and that really inspires a sense of belonging. Not only that but the support and guidance provided by the teachers are exceptional. ACG teachers genuinely care about their students' education and wellbeing."

And as 2022 marches on, Kobe urges those coming up behind him to consider becoming student leaders.

"I believe all students should strive to be a part of the leadership team. It not only gives students access to great EOTC [Education Outside the Classroom] events and activities, but it also helps develop leadership and communication skills that are applicable outside the school environment."

Kobe's advice for those who are keen to rise to the challenge?

"How you present yourself is key, from participating in all school events to remembering to hand in your homework. All these little things add up to making you a great young role model."