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“Everything they do is for the kids”

Kindness, respect, love, and a genuine care for the children. When it comes to preschool that’s what matters most to Hannah and Geoff Gibbs.


Lucky then, that ACG Tauranga Preschool offers all that in spades – and, according to Hannah, much, much more.

“ACG has become our second family. The teachers are amazing, literally amazing,” she said.

“Everything they do is for the kids and they are just so incredibly passionate about them. They love and treat them like their own and this to us is priceless.”

A year ago, the Gibbs moved their children Xavier(4) and Oakley (2) from another preschool to ACG. Initially they were nervous about the shift, but the family has not looked back.

“We chose ACG because the moment you walk in you know it is a safe place, a place for the kids to feel secure and happy. Xavier and Oakley are so comfortable here. The teachers immediately took them under their wings and the transition was seamless. Not once have they asked to go back to their old preschool. I think this says everything.”

The preschool is conveniently located for The Lakes based family – but according to Hannah, even if it wasn’t, they would go out of their way to attend.

“This is a preschool where the children are nurtured, encouraged and supported. We know that every day our children are in the best of hands with a group of teachers that genuinely care about them. They are smothered in love and affection; their interests are encouraged, their strengths are praised, and their challenges are embraced.

“The teachers have a real respect for the children and talk to them with a real sincerity. They also listen to them. They all have a beautiful manner in their own ways, and our children adore each and every one of them.”

The curriculum is inspiring and engaging, delivered by experienced educators who know their stuff.

“Children and teachers are always making, building or creating something. The planning they do for each child is above and beyond, and teachers have a real grasp on where the children are at, and what they need to do to enhance their learning.”

But exceptional teachers and a rich learning programme are not the only drawcards.

“As parents we walk into an environment that is so inclusive and welcoming, and our thoughts are always taken into consideration. The parking is easy, the facilities are great, and the equipment is new, up-to-date and so clean!

And although the Gibbs are not planning to send their children onto ACG Tauranga, Hannah believes the preschool is laying an ideal foundation for her children to transition into primary school.

“In the older class they are challenged and encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings, they are encouraged to tidy up after themselves and have respect for their surroundings as well as each other.”

These are all necessary skills to ensure a smooth and stress-free pathway into the next phase of their learning journey.
Hannah’s advice to parents considering ACG Tauranga for their preschoolers?

“Don’t think about it, just do it. You will not regret it. And don’t let the fact that the school is private put you off, as it is relatively comparable cost-wise to other day care centres.”