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Family Profile: The Snymans

Ella and CJ

"Learning and success are celebrated – the children are surrounded by other children who love to learn and take pride in their learning.”

- Katie Snyman, ACG Tauranga mum


A Student for a Day visit was all it took to convince Rotorua family the Snymans that ACG Tauranga was well worth the commute.

“We’d been considering options for intermediate and high school and were planning to start the children at ACG in two years, at Year 7. But after sending them along to Student for a Day, Ella and CJ were buzzing so much they wanted to start immediately, so a few weeks later we took the plunge,” said Katie Snyman.

Fast forward two years and Ella (now Year 7) and CJ (Year 6) couldn’t be happier.

“Right from the children’s first day we’ve been so pleased with our decision. The academic experience is incomparable, and the children have both really flourished. The combination of small class sizes and really passionate teachers means that each child is heard, and learning is individualised. Not only that but learning and success are celebrated – the children are surrounded by other children who love to learn and take pride in their learning.”

And it’s not just the academic side of the school that has impressed Katie and husband Gerrie.

“ACG offers so many extracurricular activities during school and lunch hours. Ella has speech and drama, piano and vocal lessons. The children both have coding lessons and CJ has drum lessons and is part of the chess club. These activities are all within the normal school day.  Ella also plays netball and basketball for ACG and CJ plays basketball. And they’re both involved in the upcoming school production of Aladdin.”

The wide variety of extracurricular activities on offer at the school have been embraced wholeheartedly by the family.

“It means when the children are at home, we’re not racing around everywhere. Ella and CJ catch the Rotorua city bus to school, leaving home at 7:25 am and arriving back just after 4:00 pm. This works really well. As we both work in Rotorua, the Tauranga parents sometimes help us out with after-school activities, or we carpool with other Rotorua families.”

Since starting at ACG Tauranga Katie and Gerrie have noticed their children become more engaged with their learning, and much more confident.

“Ella and CJ both really love ACG. They immediately felt listened to and they enjoy the discussions that are part of their learning, not to mention all the subjects that weren’t on offer at their previous school such as Spanish, Science and Music. The teachers have been fantastic – they really engage with the children and get the best out of each child by recognising and supporting them as individuals.”

Katie believes the Cambridge curriculum has also brought big benefits.

“It has given my children a really strong foundation across a broad range of subjects. It’s quite amazing to see and hear what they’re learning each week.

“And as a family we feel much more involved in this learning.”