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Hola from our Spanish friends

The excitement was running high last week when students in our Year 5 and 6 Spanish classes received their first pen pal letters from pupils at Colegio San Patricio in Madrid.


Spanish teacher Caroline Frankel was keen to make the language come alive for her younger students, including opportunities to learn more about Spanish speaking countries. And what better way to do this than to connect them with their peers in Costa Rica and Spain.

As a member of Inspired, a leading global premium education group, ACG Tauranga is able to reach out to an international network of more than 60 schools worldwide. Accordingly, Caroline contacted our sister schools to set up this initiative, allowing students to learn about each other’s language, culture, and practices in a very authentic and relevant context.

Plans are also in place to extend the letter-writing campaign to include the exchange of video messages. But for the moment, students were delighted to receive letters from their Spanish counterparts.

“The students were thrilled when the first round of letters from their pen pals in Madrid arrived. They were excited to find out about life in Spain from students of their own age and discover which things they have in common,” confirms Caroline. “They were also amazed to learn about European hobbies and sports which are not played in New Zealand and are now eagerly penning their replies to their new Spanish amigos!”