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Leading by example: Head Prefect Chelsea Good

When it comes to taking the reins of student leadership, few are better placed for success than 2021 Head Prefect, Chelsea Good.


Inspired by the work and commitment of previous student leaders, becoming Head Prefect had been a dream of Chelsea’s from a very young age. Understandably, she was delighted when she heard of her appointment to the top job.

“I have been working towards this goal for so long that the sense of achievement I felt was unparalleled,” she confirms. “I am fully aware of the challenges I will face as Head Prefect, but that all came second to my excitement at receiving the role.”

An active member of the leadership team since its 2019 inauguration, Chelsea is especially looking forward to helping chart the direction of the 2021 school year, alongside fellow student councillors and teaching faculty.

“I am thrilled to be involved in the development and growth of our school’s leadership culture. But I am most excited about the ongoing prospect of shaping the year as we wish to make it the most successful one yet!”

One of Chelsea’s primary objectives as Head Prefect is to make a lasting, meaningful impression on a school that she loves, and she is determined to build on the current team culture that encourages students to thrive.

“I want to create a positive legacy and leave my mark as a remarkable leader that bought out the best in everyone and was just in all decisions. I want to be able to make a genuine difference in people’s lives, no matter how big or small.”

Aiming to represent and display the school’s values in all aspects of her daily life, respect, trust, and integrity are essential to the high-achieving teen.

“I believe integrity is the foremost important quality of a leader. It’s important to lead by example, displaying respect, honesty and integrity in all aspects of your life, not just when you’re in the spotlight.”

As one of the school’s leading scholars, Chelsea’s work ethic and dedication are second to none. Yet, she credits the support and guidance she has received from the school as a significant contributing factor in her success.

“I cannot stress how much I appreciate the teacher support I have received at ACG. Every single teacher in this school would go out of their way to give us the best chance at success. Every year I continue to be amazed at the lengths they go to ensure we feel comfortable with the content we are learning, safe in the school environment, and on top of our health and wellbeing.”

Furthermore, the ACG community itself has positively impacted Chelsea and has helped make her time at the school so enjoyable.

“I love the tight-knit community we have here at ACG Tauranga. I’ve been with my class for years, through the stress of exams, the excitement of camp. I’ve been on school trips and out-of-school adventures, and through all of it, the class of 2021 has formed a solid bond that makes the school environment unlike any other.”

With an exceptional ability to balance her school and social life, the busy 17-year-old includes talented athlete within her list of accomplishments. A keen hockey, futsal and water polo player, she is also a national level competitive swimmer.

Additionally, she leads the Senior debate team, volunteers with the anti-drug charity P Not Once, and plays the drums in a Senior College rock band and guitar group. Plus, she teaches drumming to eager young musicians and holds a part-time admin job at a local business.

Now looking to realise her next ambition, Chelsea hopes to further her studies in one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

“My goal has been to attend Cambridge University for as long as I can remember. So, at this stage (and I’ve come to find it could change at any point), I am considering studying Law, Human, Social and Political sciences or some form of business over in England.”

In the meantime, the exceptional role model has the following advice for future leaders.

“Let it be known you want to lead and show everyone how hard you’ll work for it. Your performance will never outweigh your preparation, so you might have to put in some hard yards, but I can guarantee the sense of achievement will be worth it one thousand times over.”


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