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Learning Pillar 2021 #LoveYourLearning

Last week the student-led Learning Pillar hosted their first-ever official event – an information evening for ACG Tauranga students and parents about the Cambridge Curriculum’s IGCSE and A-Level courses.


Led by Learning Pillar Ambassador Alex Brodie (Year 12) and ably supported by fellow Ambassador and the Pillar’s Social Media Rep, Bella Bunyan (Year 12), the presentation was filled with information and helpful advice. Members of the Senior school community spoke about the in-depth subject knowledge the curriculum provides and offered suggestions on time management, setting priorities and creating a good study/life balance to those just beginning their Cambridge journey.

“It was an extremely successful evening, says Learning Pillar Co-Leader Tadiwa Masiyakurima, who helped to organise the event. “Students, including Chelsea Good (Head Prefect), Corin Lilley (Learning Pillar Co-Leader) and Fran Miller-Hard (Arts Pillar Co-Leader), shared valuable personal reflections on their Cambridge examination experiences and decision making.”

“Senior staff also explained some of the practical considerations for students as they endeavour to do well in their exams and at school. And in addition, the resources shared on the night are now available for students to access through their My ACG accounts.”

Hoping to raise the Pillar’s profile in the school community and challenge their peers to be more involved in their learning, Tadiwa and Corin have exciting plans in place for the remainder of the year too.

“Our next two events this term will be Pi Day (with actual pies as a prize!) and the return of the ACG Spelling Bee as a House competition,” confirms Tadiwa. “Look out for more information about these events in the next few weeks – both will earn valuable House points, as well as test students’ knowledge of π (pi) and challenge them to spell really difficult words.”

“Long term, we have two major projects: a student survey of teaching and learning preferences and the introduction of an Academic Peer Mentoring Scheme,” adds Corin.

“Further details about these key goals for our Pillar will be available in the next few weeks.

“With our first successful event of the year under our belt, the Learning Pillar is looking forward to working with staff and students on the teaching and learning at ACG Tauranga.”

Student leadership at ACG Tauranga: the four strategic pillars
In 2019 ACG Tauranga introduced four student-led strategic pillars (1) learning, (2) community, (3) sports and (4) arts to reflect their growing numbers and evolving student leadership programmes. These initiatives not only allowed students to be involved in a diverse range of leadership opportunities but provided them with a voice, encouraging a sense of agency, community, and ownership as they help contribute to school-life and continue to make their mark at ACG.

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