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Leavers' hoodies celebrate heard work and dedication


Check out ACG Tauranga’s inaugural leavers’ hoodies! We speak to Arman in Year 13 about getting the project from concept to completion.

How did the concept of a leavers’ hoodie come about? 

As a cohort, we had noticed that it is common to see Year 13s wearing leavers' hoodies in their final year at school to celebrate their achievement.

What has the design and production process involved?

We looked at various providers and designs and then created a design unique to the ACG Tauranga Class of 2019.

Who has been involved?

The whole Year 13 cohort collectively participated in selecting a suitable design. Mrs Webb had organised this in the first place and worked alongside me for a smoother process.

What is the purpose of having a leavers’ hoodie? 

We thought of having a leavers’ hoodie as a symbol of hard work and dedication throughout 13 years of schooling. So to celebrate, a leavers’ hoodie would be a good treat.

What have you learnt through this process? 

What I have learnt is to be organised and sharp at what I am doing. For example, creating a spreadsheet of the pupils and teachers who wanted to purchase a hoodie and then asking around for required sizes and desired nicknames. This process taught me to keep my data organised which will then make it easy for further steps.