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Outstanding achievements from an outstanding student

Since joining the ACG Tauranga student body at the beginning of 2018, Chelsea Good has certainly made the most of the past two years.
Chelsea Good

A role-model for younger students, the talented all-rounder received outstanding results in her 2019 Cambridge IGCSE exams while concurrently balancing her role as one of two Deputy Head prefects within the student leadership programme and competing in a wide range of athletic pursuits.

As one of the school’s top scholars, Chelsea was delighted with her brilliant IGCSE results, achieving four A* (90% and above) and two A grades (80% and above).

“I have always held myself to very high standards and I worked extremely hard for these exams, so it was honestly such a relief to see all of the hours of study pay off,” explains Chelsea. “Someone once said, ‘your performance never exceeds your preparation’, a quote that has proven to be extremely true through my experience.”

“The Year 11 IGCSE exams were my first set of so-called ‘real’ exams in which the results were externally marked, and the hard work and effort it required for me to succeed was a great step towards preparing me for this year's AS Level exams,” she continues.

Now in in Year 12, the busy sixteen-year-old is focusing her energies on maths, English language, biology, and business studies.

“I enjoy all of my subjects and find myself looking forward to every single one. I’m eager to develop my subject knowledge as it makes studying so much easier when you have clarity, as well as increasing the enjoyment of it significantly. I’m also enjoying to the challenge of taking business studies for the first time and what I am learning through that decision.”

Grateful for the encouragement and advice provided by her teachers, Chelsea is appreciative of the way ACG Tauranga continues to support her studies across all subject areas.

“The resources available to me as a student at ACG Tauranga are unparalleled to any other school I’ve ever attended. During my studies, I never have to worry about running out of practice questions or notes, never find myself without direction and always know that should I find myself unsure at any point, there will be support awaiting me within the school environment. As well as this, the gentle but consistent reminders from teachers ensure I stay on track and begin preparing well in advance to spread out the workload and minimise stress.”

Adept at juggling her academic commitments with her myriad extra-curricular activities and role as an active deputy head, Chelsea is ready to make her mark on ACG.

“The opportunity to expand on my leadership skills through an increase in responsibility within the school excites me tremendously!” she says.

The busy prefect is responsible for various tasks including overseeing the school’s Arts pillar which focuses on further developing ACG’s thriving arts programme. And to hone her managerial skills, she is currently participating in the renowned Summerhill Youth Academy leadership programme.

A keen hockey, futsal and water polo player, the high-achieving teen additionally competes in swimming at a national level, and has participated in the ACG Tauranga debate team, the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare club, and is a skilled drummer who plays in a senior college rock band.

“I also enjoy surfing, snowboarding, and even hunting, along with the rest of my family,” adds Chelsea.

As for her future plans, the pragmatic scholar is determined to keep her career options open.

“Medicine has always appealed to me, specifically neuroscience. However, recently I am leaning towards business, law, or politics. Although they are rather conflicting pathways, I’m not yet sure which one I prefer so right now there’s a bit of flexibility as to what career path I will take.”