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An Outstanding Hockey Season Builds Success On and Off the Field

As a sport, hockey is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with at ACG Tauranga. However, the players are learning far more than tactics, strategies and the rules of the game within the extraordinarily connected team environment they have created.

Teamwork, support, camaraderie and pride have laid the groundwork for success for ACG Tauranga’s First XI teams and their rapidly expanding hockey programme.

Enjoying a phenomenal run this year, the inaugural Boys and the Girls First XI Hockey teams both won Round 1 of their respective Championship 2 divisions earlier this season. As a result, the victorious teams were each promoted to the Championship 1 division for Round 2 of the competition.

Captain of the Boys First XI, Toby Good, believes his team’s chemistry and composure on and off the turf have been pivotal to their performance.

“This is my third season playing representative hockey, and every year the team gets better,” confirms the Year 12 athlete.

“I’m very proud of our success. Teamwork is the most important factor in hockey, and every player in our team is valued. When someone is away, we just don’t perform as well.”

Players in the Boys First XI were selected from Years 9 to 13. And as older students mentor their younger teammates, bonds are forged, which not only enhance the school’s dynamic culture and community but also build self-belief, resilience, ownership and loyalty.

“We have a strong sense of belonging, and that helps us perform to our best,” adds Toby. “All the boys show their commitment and dedication by turning up to every training and game and giving it their all. We’re all very proud to represent ACG, and stepping onto the field as ACG Tauranga’s First XI Boys Hockey team always lifts our spirits and boosts our performance.”

Since taking up the sport in Year 10, Toby says hockey has visibly grown in popularity and strength at the school.

“The hockey programme has increased significantly over the past few years. We now have seven rep teams across Secondary and Primary, including a Boys and a Girls First XI, along with teams in Years 7-8, Years 5-6, Years 3-4 and even a Senior Six-a-Side squad. Plus, this development has meant the players’ skills have improved dramatically.”

With such an impressive foundation, these vibrant and energetic teams are set up for another spectacular year next season, and Toby, for one, can’t wait.

“I’m excited to improve my leadership skills and see everyone become better and better.”

Year 12 student Olivia Newsom has also flourished as Captain of the ACG Tauranga’s First XI Girls Hockey team for 2022.

“I’m so proud of our success, the commitment everyone has shown to the sport, and the way new team members have been so warmly welcomed. It’s been great to see all the new friendships formed, the conversations shared in school hallways and the pre-game talks.”

The squad’s natural kinship and mutual support have made for a winning formula.

“When we come to hockey, we come to have fun and put our best into the game every single time,” Olivia reports. “Knowing each teammate has allowed us to understand if someone needs to sub off or needs support. And we try to keep a more experienced player at each level of the field, so they can communicate with the newer players and help them move around with the rest of the team. It’s important that every team member feels cared for, and we make sure everyone has a partner they can confide in.”

Trust, enthusiasm and team spirit have all played crucial roles in elevating the girls’ performance.

“We walk onto the field before every game filled with pride, driven by the fact that we’ve practised hard, earned our way into the grade we are in, and deserve to be here.”

Accordingly, Olivia can’t wait to see what her team achieves in their 2023 season.

“I hope that the values we’ve instilled will carry on for years to come, and I look forward to watching some younger students work their way up into the team. I’m sure that ACG Tauranga will continue to have very competitive hockey teams in the future!”

Results Table from our Top Performing Hockey Teams
Girls First XI team Winner Round 1 - Bigham Cup Championship 2
Promoted to Championship 1 Division for Round 2
Boys First XI team Winner Round 1 – Rob Leslie Cup Champion 1
Promoted to Championship 1 Division for Round 2
Years 7-8 team (Tomahawks) Winner Division 2
Years 5-6 team Runners Up Division 1
Years 3-4 team Winner Ministicks Division 4


First XI Boys Hockey team
First XI Girls Hockey team