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Performers in the limelight

ACG Tauranga’s most talented performers have stolen the show at a local performing arts competition.
ACG Tauranga's Elsa Yu (Year 5) and Luna Hwang (Year 6)

ACG Tauranga’s most talented performers have stolen the show at a local performing arts competition.

Held at Baycourt Community & Arts Centre by the Tauranga Performing Arts Competition Society (TPACS), the event gave young musicians, actors and dancers (up to the age of 18) the chance to shine across a range of categories, including instrumental and pianoforte, speech and drama, and modern and troupe dance.

Students from ACG Tauranga achieved incredible success, taking out numerous awards across all three categories. Year 6 student Luna Hwang received the highest score for her violin performance across the entire instrumental field, along with the Enkie Ahlers Memorial Violin Trophy, the Enkie Ahlers Memorial Violin Award and the Young Classicals Award for Instrumental.

"I practised a lot, and it took a lot of time and effort," says Luna, who has been playing the piano for five years, and violin for seven.

"I enjoy practising because it's really fun playing music – but what I enjoy most is performing in front of everyone because I can show how much I've practised."

Skilled Year 5 pianist Elsa Yu also excelled in the competition, earning a considerable number of trophies and accolades. She was awarded the President’s Cycle Works Cup for the highest score in her age group (9-10 years). And for another of her pieces, she so impressed the judges that she received the highest score among all piano players (aged 14 and under), winning the Mayfield Trophy for Piano Restricted.

"It was super exciting because I've never won so many awards in one competition," says Elsa. "I couldn't wait to tell everybody I know!"

Playing for the past four years, Elsa's dedication and commitment to the piano is undisputable.

"When I heard loud applause after my performance, I felt very proud of myself. All my practice paid off."

But Elsa and Luna were just two of the ACG Tauranga superstars to see their name in lights at the TPACS event, and music teacher Kelly Hayward couldn't have been more delighted with the outcome.

"I am continually impressed by the talent and enthusiasm for the arts that our students have shown, over such a wide range of disciplines," says Kelly.

"These results are a testament to their hard work and pursuit of excellence. I love that our students enjoy performing and am proud to see them being so successful out in the community."

Below is a summary of results from all our talented performers:
Winner Elsa won the following trophies and awards: 
•   Mayfield Trophy for Piano Restricted (all ages)
•   President’s Cycle Works Cup for Piano Scholarship (9-10 years)
•   TPACS for Restricted Classes (under 9-10 years)
•   Young Classicals Award for Piano Scholarship (9-10 years)
Elsa Yu
(Year 5)
Elsa played four pieces in total, receiving three first place and one second place finishes in the Piano Scholarship (9-10 years) category
Winner Luna was thrilled to earn the following cups and awards:
•   Young Classicals Award for Instrumental (9-10 years)
•   Enkie Ahlers Memorial Violin Award (under 12 years)
•   Enkie Ahlers Memorial Violin Trophy (ages 9-12 years)
Luna Hwang
(Year 6)
Luna enjoyed three first place and one third place finishes across four different Piano Scholarship (ages 9-10 years) categories. And received one first place and three second place finishes in the Violin Scholarship (ages 9-10 years) categories
First place Piano Scholarship (under 9 years) – NZ Composer category. Plus, Emma placed second in the Piano Scholarship (under 9 years) – Pop, Rock & Blues category Emma Gao
(Year 4)
First place Piano Scholarship (11-12 years) – NZ Composer category. Denley also placed third in the Piano Scholarship (11-12 years) – Own Selection category Denley Gao
(Year 8)
Second place Olivia received four second place awards in her Piano Scholarship age category Olivia Shi
(Year 7)
Third place Piano Scholarship Restricted (9 years). Additionally, Bella received a Very Highly Commended, a Highly Commended and a Commended award Rahyeong (Bella) Gyeong (Year 5)
First place Aadit was awarded an outstanding five first place finishes in:
•   Improvisation Duo (Open)
•   Pros (Scholarship)
•   Reading at Sight (Scholarship)
•   Light Verse (Open) 
•   Most Entertaining Individual (Overall)
Aadit Tandon
(Year 8)
Second place Milla and Venice’s Jazz Troupe 'Vixen' placed second in the Modern Troupes (over 14 years) section. And their Contemporary Troupe 'Vulpine' was awarded third place in the Contemporary/Lyrical Troupe (over 14 years) section Milla Sharp and Venice Harris (Year 10)
Sixth place Milla and Iisha were awarded sixth place in the Under 12 category with the Troupe ‘Swift’ Milla Cloke and Iisha Harris
(Year 4)