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ACG Tauranga Preschool Family: The Watsons

Reni and Tony Watson first heard about ACG Schools while living in Indonesia. The education provider is highly regarded in Jakarta so when the family moved to Lakes Boulevard, they were delighted to discover ACG Tauranga quite literally on their doorstep.


“We attended the open day, were impressed with the first-class facilities, and liked the thought that our daughter Jada (1) could start off in the preschool and continue her schooling with ACG,” Reni said.

By delivering quality education from preschool through to high school, ACG Tauranga students enjoy stress-free transitions into each new stage of their learning journey. But according to Reni, that’s just one of many benefits the family has discovered since starting Jada at ACG Tauranga Preschool three months ago.

“ACG provides a great caring, loving and calm environment as a foundation for social learning. The backing of a structured curriculum is an important lead in to academic learning.”

With a small ratio of children to teachers, little ones are assured plenty of one-on-one attention and dedicated support.

“The curriculum has enough flexibility, allowing for individual needs to be met and fostering areas of natural development, and the teachers are very caring, lovely and knowledgeable.”

It’s an environment that has seen Jada thrive.

“Tony and I have seen a noticeable improvement in her communication through a richer vocabulary and body language. We’ve also seen improvements with manners and behaviours, and most importantly, Jada’s sleep routine has improved.”

It’s not surprising then, that the Watsons are quick to endorse ACG Tauranga Preschool as the ideal start.

“I would highly recommend ACG to others as a great place for their children to learn both socially and academically,” Reni said.