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Prefect Chelsea Good: on leadership

We asked this year’s leaders what it means to be part of ACG Tauranga’s inaugural student leadership team.   
Chelsea Good

I am honoured to be a student leader for ACG Tauranga as I am proud of our school and our achievements. I appreciate the opportunity I have to work closely with the staff and students in the progression of our school and its culture, and feel this first leadership team is of particular importance as we develop our reputation in the community. As it is often said, ‘first impressions are the most lasting’, so I feel privileged to be a part of the initial impression ACG Tauranga’s leaders will present. To me, it means being a part of something new and exciting, as well as an opportunity to further improve my leadership skills, and I am loving the experiences this year holds.

Communication is a key attribute of a good leader, along with the ability to present non-biased opinions, and view arguments with a level head. A good leader is someone who stands as the face of their community, representing their beliefs, but is also someone who must first gain trust and respect through hard work.