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Preparing the leaders of the future


The Student Council and Leadership Programme is a cornerstone of the ACG Tauranga campus. Overseen by foundation staff member, Jackie Webb, it offers students the opportunity to craft and develop their relational and collaborative skills with a focus to the future, learning important life-skills along the way.

“Leadership opportunities are available for primary students through the middle school years until graduation, in both formal and evolving roles. The inclusive nature and family atmosphere of our multi-year campus enables our senior students to be visible role models for the younger students” says Jackie.

“Leadership at ACG Tauranga invites students to explore with curiosity and kindness the importance of contributing to local, regional, national and global communities. We value leadership of self, leadership of others, leadership in community” she continues.

All leadership strengths and styles are recognised within the programme, and through this student collaboration, principles of courage, excellence, integrity and respect are evident across the classroom, the sports field and the performing arts.

The Student Council encourages input from the entire student body. Led by the Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects, its membership includes leaders of the four Primary Houses, along with ambassadors from each Tutor Class (from Years 7 – 13).

Agenda items are initially discussed among students during a Tutor Period, and their feedback is introduced at Council meetings by the student ambassadors. Prefects then take these issues to the Principal, Thea Kilian, and staff representing the Four Strategic Pillars (of learning, community, sports and arts). The cycle is completed during a subsequent Council meeting when results from this discussion are relayed back to the ambassadors, who then pass them back to the student body.

The Student Council are currently completing one full cycle a term, with plans to re-evaluate as students become more familiar with the process. Acknowledging the need for flexibility, the structure and procedures of the Leadership Programme are frequently updated to meet the changing needs of students and school.

The future of leadership at ACG Tauranga is an exciting one. Spurred on by the enthusiasm and commitment of a growing student body, it will continue to expand and evolve to offer even more young leaders the chance to participate and discover their potential.

Principal, Thea Kilian strongly advocates for all students to have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, not just those who have natural leadership ability. “Allowing students to have a proactive voice within their own school community leads to a strong sense of connectedness, pride and wellbeing, and creates an environment in which they can thrive.”