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Rehearsals in full swing for school production of Aladdin Jr.


Almost half of ACG Tauranga students, including the entire primary school, will appear on stage in this year’s production of Aladdin Jr., says Music teacher and tutor Kelly Hayward.

“We wanted to showcase the incredible talent we have in the school and we chose Aladdin Jr. because it allows us to include so many of our students in a variety of ways. Once you add back-stage crew, the percentage of the school involved is quite significant.”

With rehearsals in full swing, students have been dedicating hours to learning lines, songs and choreography, as well as having the opportunity to be involved in designing sets, advertising, costuming, make-up, sound and lighting, backstage and props.

The school’s sport complex will be converted to a theatre for the performances, with designers taking full creative advantage of the professionally sound-treated space – using bleachers to hang backdrops, and converting changing rooms to green rooms.

The benefits to being part of a production are immense, Mrs Hayward says.

“Students get to experience the thrill of performance, to develop performance skills and confidence, the chance to work together for the greater good, encouraging collaboration and a sense of community, and hopefully giving them a positive long-lasting memory.”