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Specialist teachers optimise learning at ACG Tauranga

Nothing beats a passionate teacher to inspire great learning. They can elevate an interesting subject into a positively enthralling one, equipping students with a thirst for knowledge that sets them up for life.

At ACG Tauranga, the immense value of specialised teaching is irrefutable. From as early as pre-school, students benefit from the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm that specialist teachers deliver. And the results speak for themselves.

“Specialist teachers can specialise in a particular subject, learning requirement or in a particular age group or transition period. It’s the combination of subject, learning and age particular specialisation that provides the best possible educational experience for our children,” says Principal Thea Kilian.

“At ACG Tauranga, our subject specialist teachers are first and foremost outstanding educators. They understand the art of teaching, building strong relationships with their students and empowering them to be the very best version of themselves. In addition, they’re also experts in their field allowing them to use their significant knowledge and experience to extend and make connections well beyond the core content of the curriculum. Being taught by a specialist teacher who is excited and passionate about their subject is both engaging and inspiring.”

This year at the school, Year 0 and 1 students enjoy specialist Dance and Sports teachers, with the addition of specialist Music and Drama teachers for Years 2 and 3.

Year 4 students benefit from specialised teaching for Dance, Drama, Music, Science, and Art while Year 5 and 6 students also study Spanish. From Year 7 onwards, all subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

“We even have specialist teachers visit our pre-school to share their passion and experience. You are never too young to be inspired.”

Nor are we ever too old.

“Even as adults, we are inspired by passionate people who do things well. Passionate people connect with us on an emotional level. Having knowledgeable teachers instils a strong sense of trust and respect – but knowledgeable teachers who teach with passion and enthusiasm creates excitement around every lesson. Students don’t just trust and respect them, they want to learn from them.”

Specialist teachers understand how the content within their subject area develops and connects from year level to year level. This gives ACG Tauranga students – particularly those in Year 7 and 8 - a significant advantage as they prepare for their secondary years.

But according to Thea, that’s just the beginning. Specialist teachers also contextualise learning more effectively, support students to form positive learning relationships with a wide range of adults and help them develop the time management skills they need to stay on top of homework and assessments.

“All of these additional elements contribute to developing our students as confident, capable young learners.”