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Spotlight on STEM #3: Chemistry teacher Rob Webster

In the lead-up to Tauranga’s inaugural STEMFest, we talk to our passionate STEM teachers about their inspiration for their subjects.


Mr Webster has been teaching Chemistry at ACG Tauranga for three years – he’s also taught at ACG’s school in Vietnam. He tells us why Chemistry is a vital part of addressing issues in the modern world.

“Chemistry can be a fun and exciting subject to learn, from the mysteries of atomic theory and the weird properties they exhibit to using chemical principles to explain everyday phenomenon. For example, Gaviscon relieves heartburn by forming a plastic barrier between your stomach and oesophogus! Then there are the loads of chemical reactions that involve pretty colour changes, bangs and flashes that are always fun to perform.

Chemistry is a study of matter, how it combines to form other substances and the substances interaction with energy.  It is all around us! As a result, its impact on the world has been huge, from the first manufacture of iron in ancient times to the principles of nanotechnology in the modem world. Understanding Chemical principles will be vital in addressing issues in areas such as climate change, medicine, genetic modification and food production just to name a few.”

What STEM looks like at ACG Tauranga
  • One block of Science a week from Year 1 and throughout primary school. Hands on and fun!
  • Specialist Science teachers teach students in Years 5 and 6.
  • Students in Years 7-10 receive seven lessons of Science per week
  • Three double blocks of Science per week allow our students the time and opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience
  • One lesson of Computer Science per week from Years 7-10: students have fun with technology!
  • Weekly lunch time and afterschool Maths workshops allow students to work and learn together across year levels.
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology available as specialist subjects from Year 11.
  • Robotics club enhances innovation and creativity

ACG Tauranga is a proud sponsor of Tauranga STEM Festival