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Tomorrow’s leaders start today

At ACG Tauranga, our leadership programme identifies and nurtures potential student leaders, helping them acquire meaningful management skills through experience. Opportunities such as our Junior House Leader positions encourage students to develop initiative, commitment, and maturity in a leadership role across various settings.
Our ACG Tauranga 2021 Junior House Leaders

If you’re looking to build your leadership capabilities, there’s no better place to start than at ACG Tauranga.

The school’s unique and recently expanded student leadership programme equips students to become future leaders and empowers them to add value to their communities. And you don’t have to be a senior to become part of the team.

We’ve spoken to ACG Tauranga’s four Junior House Leaders to learn more about the exciting leadership opportunities available for students in Years 8 to 10.

Liam Jury (Year 9): Junior House Leader, Te Awanui House
“As part of the student leadership team, I’m involved with the organisation and set up of events at school, and I work with both junior and senior leaders. I engage with the Middle School students in my House and encourage participation in events - I think this is important to help develop a sense of community. I love it when Te Awanui students compete to achieve not just for themselves but also for their House. There’s nothing quite like seeing everyone dressed in their House colours showing their support!

“The Junior House Leader role requires time and effort, but it has taught me a lot, especially around the importance of clear communication and the need to work well with others. I always believe you get out of things what you put into them. 

“My advice for students aspiring to become future leaders? Take an active part in all school events and always demonstrate the ACG school values.”

Annie Stokes (Year 8): Junior House Leader, Wairoa House
“A big part of my role is organising fun events, from thinking up cool activities for Spirit Week to running lunchtime games or sports day bake sales. It’s such a great feeling to make a positive difference in the school, share ideas and carry through with them. I love making school life fun for others by organising games, events and opportunities.

“When you’re a House leader, you’re not alone; you are part of a friendly and like-minded team where everyone works together towards a common goal. Our objective is to make ACG Tauranga a better and more enjoyable community to be a part of.

“The ability to work well as a team is an important aspect of the job – it’s called the student leadership team for a reason! To be a good leader, you need to be able to communicate clearly and respectfully (that means listening as well as talking!), compromise and be flexible. I encourage anyone interested in becoming a leader to put their hand up. All it takes is enthusiasm, a positive attitude, team spirit, and the willingness to work hard and follow through with your ideas.”

Ellen Thompson (Year 10): Junior House Leader, Mauao House
“Leadership is for everyone. I’ve always looked up to the student leaders at my school, believing that they were born to be leaders. Yet, when I joined the ACG leadership team, I found that that confidence is not something anyone’s born with; it’s something everyone strives to achieve. So, when I first spoke in an assembly, I was terrified, and yet now, it’s something I look forward to. 

“I think it’s important for younger students to be involved in the leadership team because it builds confidence and exposes them to older students who act as role models and encourage them to reach their full potential. This year we have student leaders from Years 8 to 13, so as a Year 10 student, I’m working with both older and younger leaders. Working with older students pushes me to strive for more both inside and outside the classroom while working with younger students increases my confidence and teaches me how to become a role model myself.

“Becoming an effective leader takes persistent work and effort; diligence is key. So too are service (it helps shift the focus from power to generosity) and enthusiasm.”

Luke Free (Year 10): Junior House Leader, Tarawera House
“Being a student leader means a lot to me, but mostly it means that I’m part of a group that represents ACG’s student voice. It’s important to give younger students a voice because it boosts their confidence and lets them know that their opinions matter and are valued. For me personally, this leadership role has greatly improved my self-confidence, and I’m no longer afraid to share my views and ideas. 

“One of my main responsibilities is organising and helping run different House events throughout the year. The House leaders take turns giving the school updates on House points and various House activities during assemblies. The aspect I enjoy most is helping out and being involved in all sorts of activities, both in and out of school (such as this year’s production and the ANZAC day parade). Being a leader allows me to see these events in a whole new way and shows me just how much work actually goes into them.” 

The ACG Tauranga Junior House Leaders (from left) Ellen Thompson, Liam Jury, Luke Free and Annie Stokes