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My transition to Cambridge: Harry Buck, Year 9

"I didn’t even know how fun science could be."

- Harry Buck started at ACG Tauranga in 2019


There’s a common perception that Cambridge International only suits the brightest learners. But at ACG Tauranga, we believe there’s nothing more satisfying for young people than rising to a challenge. We talk to our students about their transition from the NZ curriculum to Cambridge.

“The curriculum here is a lot harder and a lot different, but I like it a lot better because it’s challenging and we cover way more learning.

The Maths is the biggest difference, there’s so much more to learn here. The Science is great. We didn’t get to do much Science at my old school, and I love the way we learn it here. PE, Science and Maths are now my favourite subjects. I didn’t even know how fun Science could be.”

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