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My transition to Cambridge: Hugo Buck, Year 8

"The learning here feels much more useful, for living in the world, rather than just in books and spelling."

- Hugo Buck started at ACG Tauranga in 2019


There’s a misconception that Cambridge International only suits the brightest learners. But at ACG Tauranga, we believe there’s nothing more satisfying for young people than rising to a challenge. We talk to our students about their transition from the NZ curriculum to Cambridge.

“The biggest change from my old school is how much more learning I can get here. All the teachers have really good bonds with the students so you can really get one-on-one help if you need it.

We didn’t have any Humanities at my old school so we really didn’t have any understanding of the world and the change we can make. The subjects are so different here. In English, it is more about expanding on topics and talking about fake news and analysing what we think. In Science, we get to experiment with how things are generated and how they work. We get to do cool experiments; it is so fun. We only did small experiments at my old school, like colour changes, rather than finding out important things to do with the world.

The learning here feels much more useful, for living in the world, because it feels meaningful, rather than just in books and spelling.”

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