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Virtual prizegiving showcases another great year

ACG Tauranga introduced an exciting new digital format for their prizegiving this year. With student numbers and parent access strictly limited by Covid-19 regulations, the school decided to host the ceremonies according to an interactive hybrid model.
Some of the award winners from our ACG Tauranga prizegiving events

This year, our prizegiving looked a little different at ACG Tauranga due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions across the Bay of Plenty area. With family and friends unable to attend such a popular annual occasion, we decided to live-stream the event, allowing everyone to be a part of the ceremonies.

While students attended the event in person – across four separate year group assemblies to ensure numbers were kept to a minimum – proud parents, grandparents and friends were able to watch from the comfort of home. The prizegiving ceremonies were also recorded, allowing an additional opportunity for viewing at a later time.

As one of the highlights of our school calendar, the new virtual format, with professional videography, generated a great deal of positive feedback from the online audience. And although ACG parents were disappointed not to attend in person, the virtual presentation still managed to convey the air of excitement and anticipation as student achievements were celebrated with delighted smiles and cheering applause clearly in evidence.

Additionally, the online presentation proved popular with some of our prospective families whom we had invited to join us. Seeing the way ACG Tauranga supports and awards our students made a big impact and reinforced the inclusive nature of our learning community and how we reward and celebrate our students’ successes.

In another first, our school launched a Pin Reward System at the prizegiving. Platinum, gold, silver and bronze badges were awarded across ACG Tauranga’s four strategic pillars (Arts, Sports, Learning and Community), with each metal colour denoting the level of accomplishment in each category.

Students were incredibly enthusiastic about this ACG initiative and immediately affixed the bright shiny badges to their uniform blazers to showcase their specific areas of interest and expertise.

Alongside naming the upcoming student leadership team for 2022, the prizegiving saw students receive a wide array of awards – from excellence in poetry and dance to numerous sporting accolades and those embodying school spirit. Students were also recognised for their positive dispositions and continuing growth, which are equally important in their journey to success.

After such a challenging year, finishing on such a strong note is a true reflection of the resilience, motivation and commitment of students and staff alike. We were thrilled to see out 2021 with such a successful and uplifting event, and with 2022 just around the corner, the next school year promises to be one to watch.

Special Award Recipients
Primary Prizegiving
Principal’s Award for Outstanding Learner Year 1 Isla Chittenden; Year 2 Leila Frankel; Year 3 Olivia Smith; Year 4 Henrietta Coxhead; Year 5 Cassia Tallon; Year 6 Oliver Reid
Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence First Overall in Year 6 Nicholas Yip
Primary Sports Boy of the Year 2021 Harry Lynn
Primary Sports Girl of the Year 2021 Bryah Naeff
ACG Tauranga Primary School Spirit Award Keira Rolleston
Years 7 & 8 Prizegiving 
Principal’s Award for Outstanding Learning Year 7A Mila Tallon; Year 7B Zhan Shi, Year 8A Tanvi Upreti; Year 8B Aadit Tandon
Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence Year 7 Emily Pengelly, Year 8 Annabelle Stokes
ACG Tauranga Middle School Sports Girl of the Year Annabelle Stokes
ACG Tauranga Middle School Spirit Award Annabelle Stokes
Years 9 & 10 Prizegiving
Principal’s Award for Outstanding Learning Year 9A Hayley Hanna; Year 9B Grace Cappely; Year 10 Aleksi Kilian
Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence Year 9 Ella Snyman and Liam Jury; Year 10 Oliver Gabb
ACG Tauranga Middle School Sports Boy of the Year Liam Jury
Years 11 - 13 Prizegiving
Principal’s Award for Outstanding Learning Year 11A Emily Vernon; Year 11B Madeleine Johnson-Marsh; Year 12 Alexandra Brodie; Year 13 Tadiwa Masiyakurima
Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence Year 11 Chenyi Ma; Year 12 Isabella Bunyan
Sports Girl of the Year Lucinda Bartlett
Sports Boy of the Year Tadiwa Masiyakurima
Barbara Burns Arts and Cultural Award Kelsie Tong
Richard Kensington School Spirit Award Tadiwa Masiyakurima
DUX ACG Tauranga Top Academic Scholar Chelsea Good