Inspiring and Empowering Students to Strive for Excellence in All That They Do

A Word from our Principal


It is an absolute privilege to welcome you to our ACG Tauranga community.

We are a school where diversity is encouraged and celebrated, and where people are always at the heart of what we do. We are incredibly proud of who we are.

Building strong and meaningful relationships with our families, we work side by side to develop confident, capable young people who don’t just succeed at school, but at life. Working collaboratively with families, we aim to create positive connections, enabling open communication and high levels of trust.

ACG Tauranga students are kind, caring and inclusive young people who appreciate relationships as fundamental to their own well-being and success. They value learning and respect the importance of hard work, knowing what success looks like for them as individuals. Understanding the importance of being a connected member of our school community, our students love getting involved. Whether participating in Sport, Arts, Leadership, Community or Outdoor Education opportunities, they always give their all. Supporting each other is simply what they do.

ACG Tauranga delivers the internationally recognised Cambridge Curriculum from Year 1 all the way through to Year 13. Families can be confident in the knowledge that learning programmes are both robust and deliberate. Teachers are highly skilled and expert within their subject area. All ACG Tauranga staff, whether in the classroom, administration or looking after the school grounds, are completely committed to the well-being and growth of each and every student. We know our students, care about them as young people and will always go above and beyond to support them.

ACG Tauranga is so much more than a school; it is a family.


Thea Kilian, Principal, ACG Tauranga

About our Principal

Ms Thea Kilian joined ACG Tauranga from her position as Deputy Principal of Long Bay College in Auckland, where her responsibilities included curriculum development and review, quality assurance, year level strategic leadership and development of student leadership. As Lead Principal of the Oneroa Community of Learning Thea worked closely with key leaders and staff across seven school, cementing her passion for the education journey from Early Childhood through to graduation. Thea has two children. She holds a BSc degree with a double major in Mathematics and Botany and a BSc Post Graduate Honours degree in Mathematics. Thea is passionate about the importance of a holistic education and believes that expert teachers are a school’s most valuable resource. Thea has herself been the recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching Award and a finalist in the ‘I am Auckland’ Awards, in the Youth Voice category.


A World-Class, Values-Driven Education

Our private school in Tauranga, is a leading provider of world-class, values-driven international education in the Bay of Plenty. We hold a reputation for:

  • excellence;
  • an emphasis on outstanding teaching;
  • academic achievement;
  • service to others;
  • innovation;
  • integrity.

All members of our exceptional learning community strive for excellence in all that they do. 


Our Core Values

At our  school, we seek to provide an outstanding private education to the Bay of Plenty community by adhering to our core values of:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect 
  • Courage

These values are underpinned by skills that prepare students for a lifetime of successful learning. They are as follows:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Research

Our Mission

At ACG School Tauranga, our mission is to:

  • care for our pupils; 
  • educate them in line with our core values; 
  • encourage them to achieve their very best; 
  • enable them to take the next step in their lives with confidence, responsibility and compassion.

Our Vision

At ACG Tauranga our vision informs the environment, school community and culture we seek to cultivate. Our vision is to develop students that are passionate about their education and a faculty that is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to create an outstanding learning community. 

Our school has a reputation for excellence and emphasises effective teaching methods, academic achievement, service to others, innovation, and integrity in all practices. 
Our values shape the actions and attitudes of our students while forming the framework for how they act and interact with their peers and educators. Due to the strength of our core values, children develop a sense of self and are empowered to take responsibility for their learning.


Remarkable Facilities

Our school facilities provide children with an ideal setting to explore, refine and demonstrate their talents and skills. Well-designed classrooms offer generous educational spaces with natural lighting and Wi-Fi in every room, and display areas showcase student work and helpful learning prompts, creating a bright, encouraging environment. 

Specialist subjects are held in well-equipped studios and classrooms where learners take literacy, mathematics, science and art lessons. The school building also features a multipurpose room, which hosts workshops and other group activities.


Curriculums & Student Achievement

Our school curriculum closely aligns with Cambridge International in terms of planning, delivery assessment and reporting in English, mathematics and science. Other areas of study include the humanities, physical education and health. As an inclusive school anchored in our local community, it is essential that students gain an appreciation and understanding of our heritage; therefore, the curriculum also informs young learners of New Zealand’s bicultural heritage. An integral feature of the school is the specialist teaching of science, Spanish, art and music at most academic levels.

A High Level of Engagement

One of the hallmarks of our school is the low student-to-teacher ratio and our firm commitment to effective learning strategies. Teachers encourage students to express their ideas and contribute to class and group discussions. They are committed to consistently delivering high-quality tuition standards and engaging class programmes that challenge and motivate students to work to their full potential.

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