Preparing Students for a Promising Future

ACG Tauranga is the only school in the Bay of Plenty that offers the Cambridge curriculum from the primary level upwards as an alternative to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). This UK-accredited, internationally-recognised programme opens doors to the finest universities in New Zealand and the world, preparing students for a promising future.

Skills for Lifelong Success

Our personalised approach to learning enables students to flourish and achieve their full potential. We understand that students have different learning styles, and for that reason, we foster a student-centric approach to learning. Each programme, from academic subjects to the arts, is designed to allow for individual care and attention to ensure students achieve their educational goals. This approach supports growth and confidence and promotes a love of learning. 

To succeed in the 21st century, students need to understand local and global issues, develop intercultural respect, and forge the skills to succeed, not only in New Zealand but internationally. Students also need to prepare for careers that may not yet exist. It is essential that they master new technologies, learn to take responsible risks and develop critical and creative thinking skills. Our role is to equip students with the skills to help them flourish and succeed in this world.

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