Testimonials and stories from our families.

The Bedford family

When we first met the Bedford family two years ago, they were delighted by the opportunities that ACG Tauranga provided for their children. We are pleased to update their story and share how Katelyn and Elliot have flourished under the learning environment at ACG.

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The Mayston family

When we first met the Mayston family, they were captivated by the passion, energy and enthusiasm of the teachers at ACG Tauranga. Now three years later, we are pleased to update their story and highlight how Henry continues to flourish academically, socially, and personally.

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The Walther family

After first meeting the Walther family three years ago, we are delighted to update their story as they share their thoughts about the success of daughter Charlize’s educational journey at ACG Tauranga, and their absolute confidence in the school.

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