David Paul

English and Languages

David has been teaching for more than 20 years at schools in New Zealand, including Pinehurst School in Albany, and at several international schools in Austria, Poland and Asia. He has taught Cambridge International up to A level in English Language and Literature, and the IB curriculum at schools in New Zealand and overseas, gaining much experience in teaching diverse nationalities, age groups and learning abilities.

David is passionate about teaching literature, in particular, helping students to find relevant connections among the works and to society. Breaking down complex skills and ideas into simpler, more comprehensible parts is every teachers’ challenge, and David tries to create learning situations that both engage interest and develop deeper understanding. He enjoys seeing students reach that “Aha” moment, in order to extend their ability range.

David has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from the University of Auckland and a Master in Education (International Studies) from Framingham State, Boston, USA. He also holds a Diploma in Teaching from Auckland College of Education.