Daycare & Preschool Education at ACG Tauranga

Our private preschool in Pyes Pa delivers exceptional daycare and preschool education to children aged 3 months until their transition to school. Children are welcomed into a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment, and thrive in bright, spacious and inviting indoor learning areas. Additionally, our secure outdoor spaces encourage young explorers to unleash their imagination and creativity while the enjoy natural resources with their friends and teachers.

Inspired by the Te Whāriki curriculum, our inquiry and play-based learning programme encourages children to explore the world around them. Our young learners engage in self-directed play and investigation within a structured daily timetable.

Why Choose Our Preschool in Tauranga?

Why Choose Our Preschool in Tauranga?

At our preschool in Tauranga, our fully-qualified staff are passionate about their work and focus on each child's learning journey, growth and success while building strong relationships with families and whanau. Our school readiness programme, Pathways-Ara, allows our four-year-olds and those at that stage of development to extend their skills. Numeracy and literacy are woven into our approach to learning as children become capable, confident, resilient problem solvers who are well prepared for the transition to Year 1.

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Preschool Programme

Our preschool programme offers the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki. The four guiding principles of the programme are woven neatly together between five stages and Te Whāriki provides a strong basis for holistic teaching in all areas of the syllabus.

The Te Whāriki curriculum is informed by current research and child development theory to create an emergent programme that is play-based and adapted to children’s learning dispositions. We are committed to continued review and research into current theories and philosophies to make sure we offer the most effective and rigorous education to our young learners.

Specialist Preschool Classes

Children are taught a weekly programme of specialist classes, including art and science, that led by senior teachers at the school. Specialist classes promote community and relationships as part of an inclusive curriculum.

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Primary School Readiness Programme

At our preschool in Tauranga, we aim to ensure young children experience a smooth, pleasurable experience as the progress in their education. The Primary School Readiness Programme is an evaluation process designed to ensure your child has the skills they need to transition to Primary School through the assessment of your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. 

As part of the programme, children are introduced to older preschool children and the wider student community, where they can befriend their peers, build relationships with Primary School teachers, and explore a range of exciting facilities such as the art room, music room, the gymnasium and the sports field.

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Preschool Activities

By providing meaningful and purposeful experiences, we enable children to 'learn from life'. Children develop social competencies that enable them to become resilient, persistent, inquiring lifelong learners. Through respectful, responsive relationships, we will celebrate the diversity of cultures and languages and make them visible in our setting through stories, language, celebrations and festivals. 

We recognise, embrace and value Te tiriti O Waitangi and implement practices that promote a sense of belonging where children and whanau know they have a place to develop. Our approach promotes a sense of well-being, in which social, emotional, physical and spiritual development is supported. At both the daycare and preschool stages, children experience a sense of community that welcomes, values and loves them.

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Preschool Facilities

We offer rewarding Preschool education in a beautiful, rural preschool setting. Our Preschool facilities are part of the main campus and are purpose-built for the needs of young children. In its entirety, the Early Learning division is divided into 3 classrooms: Pounamu, 3 months–2 years; Puwhenua, 2-4 years; and Pathways/Ara, 4-5 years. 

Children enjoy regular visits to our beautiful library, where they create relationships with staff and older students. Our immersive outdoor environment features a working vegetable garden for our children to enjoy, shaded trees, a large sandpit area, and lots of equipment. Outdoor equipment also presents young adventurers with the opportunity to climb, slide and construct, which enhances their fine and gross motor skills.

Preschool Teachers

Our professional, dedicated and enthusiastic staff are early childhood professionals who seek to support your child and ensure they enjoy every step of their learning experience. Our staff members are kind and caring, and present meaningful provocations that gives children the time and space to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace. 

Using natural, open-ended resources, young children engage in play and enquiry-based learning while supported by nurturing adults. Across our preschool, staff introduce children to learning through a love of play by creating opportunities for them to explore, experiment, solve problems and express themselves as individuals. They get to know children on a one-to-one basis and help them work towards their goals by collaborating with families and other educational professionals within the school.

Testimonials from our Preschool Parents


Claire Wang

"We have our two girls at ACG Tauranga – my oldest one at the primary and my second, Thea, is in the early learning school, and we just love it! I feel so confident having her at ACG Early Learning School as I know the environment there is loving and supportive. Their communication, especially, is open, friendly and honest, and they always have my daughter's best interests at heart."


Ella Ghorbani

"We have become aware of the ACG Early Learning School by one of our friends. It didn't take us long to realise that we had found the best place one could wish for our 2-year old son: experienced and lovely teachers and a warm, lovely environment with lots of interesting activities."


Lianne Pepperell

"ACG Tauranga preschool is a warm and supporting environment for our tamariki. The pathways class was excellent for preparing our then 4 year old for school and this made the transition so much easier. Each day our 2 year old runs into preschool with so much excitement and love for her teachers. We are so pleased we have such a great preschool for our children to enjoy and grow."


Tracy & Nick Tomsett

"We have been delighted with the experienced and dedicated team at ACG preschool - they provide a positive, engaging and nurturing environment for the children to learn, explore and discover through play. Christopher is always excited at drop off and is especially fond of the natural outdoor environment, visiting the library and attending art class on the primary school campus. As parents, we feel welcomed and appreciate the open communication around our child's early learning journey."

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