ACG Tauranga is proud to be part of a worldwide network of schools that offer the Cambridge Pathway. Our students graduate with prestigious, internationally-recognised qualifications, and the best educational and career pathways. We equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need for success in their chosen field, anywhere in the world.

School starts at 8:30am and finishes at 3:15pm. There is a 15 minute transition period for Year 1 to Year 4 students at the start and end of the day.

Extension is managed through groupings within the classroom environment, making use of the many opportunities provided within the Cambridge Curriculum. In addition students will have the opportunity to engage in a range of age appropriate activities, events and competitions. Extension beyond the classroom, within specific subjects, are managed on an individual basis and in close collaboration with families. Our aim is to encourage and enable our students to be the very best version of themselves in all aspects of school life.

At ACG Tauranga our aim is to encourage and enable our students to reach individual success. Careful tracking, intervention and monitoring is fundamental to this process. Individualised support within the classroom, drop in clinics, holiday workshops and targeted accelerated learning programmes are all available to ensure students are supported through their learning journey.

Yes there is a school uniform and it is available for purchase from the ‘NZ Uniform Shop’ in Tauranga or Rotorua.

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myACG is an online system for students and parents. All ACG Tauranga students are enrolled in their relevant courses, which are designed to support classroom learning and enhance communication with home. Course outlines, grades and a variety of learning resources are posted by teachers. Parents will also have access to daily notices and information, medical information, attendance and results information. Students and parents are encouraged to check myACG regularly.

Yes, there are Academic, Sports and Arts Scholarships, Sibling Scholarships, and the ACG Founders Scholarship. Families with four or more students enrolled at ACG Tauranga may apply for the Sibling Scholarships. The scholarships provide assistance towards tuition fees.


Spanish is taught from Year 5 onwards. It is widely spoken in South America, as well as in Europe and the USA. English speakers who learn Spanish as a second language are able to reach a greater level of fluency than with other foreign languages.

No, ACG Tauranga is a secular private school. ACG Tauranga’s values are embedded in all aspects of school life and are referred to as a guide for all conduct, attitudes and relationships.

ACG Tauranga has all levels from Preschool to Year 13. When full, there will be approximately 700 students on site.

Our campus is purpose-built to the highest standards, and poised for future growth. Campus facilities include large classroom spaces, purpose built science laboratories, art room and library, three-level gymnasium, sports fields, turf and an on-site early learning school.


There is a swimming programme within the curriculum. Although there are no immediate plans to build a pool, we utilise the excellent local facilities. Programmes range based on the ability and experience levels of the students.

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